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“I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore”


“I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore”

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RTD Era Meme: 8 scenes [5/8]

"You killed her! Your stupid freaking game show killed her!"

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That time the Doctor made breakfast 


Prompt fic for earthfire75 who asked for Rose/Ten; festive (yes,that’s what I got from the random generator); leaves

Festive was a tough emotion for me but I think this qualifies because the Doctor’s celebrating.  

All ages


“Good morning Jackie!  Don’t you look lovely today.”

Jackie stalled in the doorway, eyes wide, taking in the abnormally (even for himself) cheery alien that was bouncing around her kitchen.  She gripped her aching head, wordlessly spining around and walking back to her bedroom and into her small ensuite.  She splashed some water on her face, filled a small glass and reached for the cupboard to retrieve two Paracetamol, which she quickly downed. 

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alec hardy in episode one

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Sometimes I think I am a very calm participant of the Doctor Who fandom.

Then someone insults Rose Tyler.


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